trayamor (trayamor) wrote in plasticisfun,

A jaguar hunt: photo story

Here is a new photo report from my Schleich forest.
The photographer has spent some time patiently sitting in ambush to make these photos showing a jaguar's hunting habits.

The jaguar came out of his lair and is ready to hunt. The ant-eater nearby doesn't belong to the jaguar's prey (at least this time), so he may not worry.

Passing along a pond the jaguar greets an alligator. They don't compete in hunting so they're on visiting terms with each other.

The hunter looks out of the bush and...

...sees a family of white-tailed deers. Bonne bouche!

The hunter is crouching closer...

... a rash jump and...

...failure! The deers succeed to escape the deadly paws. They're flying the coop.

The jaguar bites the dust. Well, the things are not so bad - next time he'll find the bean in the cake! Let's wish him good luck.
By the way, maybe that ant-eater isn't so inappropriate as a prey?

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