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plasticisfun's Journal

Plastic Is Fun
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This is a community for people who have a weird obsession with plastic action figures or any sort of little plastic people at all.

The person who made this community only owns three plastic action figures that sit on their windowsill collecting dust. This community was made in honour of the Plastic Gandalf journal.

If you put action figures in weird poses and photograph them, or if you hoard and collect them in a demented manner, or if you know someone who does, or if you've ever seen that and been scared by it, you should join here.

All I ask is that you own some kind of plastic figure thingy to join. Hell, you can lie. How would I know if you do or don't anyway?

Just don't be stupid and annoying.

And please at least LJ-cut the more deranged/obscene image posts, if you feel you must share them; use your judgment.
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