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Story about a breadwinning father (feat. Schleich chimpanzees)

I’ve received the latest photo report from a photographer, who has just returned from a photo safari in the Schleich forest. He has been watching the life of chimpanzees for a good while and made great photos showcasing these apes in the wild.
Here I post a photo story about one day in the life of a very nice Schleich chimpanzee family.

1. Early morning. The head of the family is going to set out on his daily journey for food.

2. His wife and son wish him luck and wave him goodbye.

3. Danger on the way! The chimpanzee is hiding from a leopard in the thicket. Fortunately, the wind direction doesn’t allow the leopard to nose out the prey.

4. The chimpanzee reached the trunk of a giant tree which he’s gonna climb down. On the background one could see a gorilla father teaching his kid climbing trees.

5. Our hero is climbing down from the forest canopy.

6. And here’s the goal of his journey – a fruit-bearing tree. The chimpanzee’s fellow – meerkat - cheers him.

7. He’s on top of the world! Yes, he’s a real breadwinning father!

8. The breadwinning father is bowling a giant fruit along to the tree.

9. Another view of the same process.

10. Up he goes, to the second forest layer. His burden is heavy, but who cares about burdens when there’s a family waiting for food at home.

11. At last he’s reached the canopy. An accidental witness gorilla hems with approval.

12. Home, sweet, home. Look what we’ve got today!

13. A family meal.

P.S.: As for me, I like photo #10 the most. And you?
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