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Looking to get rid of some action figures.

Hello there, I just joined this community in hopes that somebody would be interested in some of my action figures. If this isn't appropriate, I apologize in advance, and please delete this post. If you have any questions or anything, comment here, or e-mail me at x_bantam_x@yahoo.com. I'm looking for offers right now, and if you have an interest in something, I can get a shipping estimate for you. Thanks in advance for checking it out.

All of the Lord of the Rings figures are mint in box, and except for one, will not get a description other than their name, if you need more details on something, please feel free to ask.


Super Poseable Pelennor Fields Aragorn


Gandalf the White



Aragorn, King of Gondor
The card is in bad shape, and the plastic tore down the top and side at one point. I swear, I didn't open him! ... I don't think ...

Legolas With Horse

Aragorn With Brego

Ringwraith and Horse

Draco from Dragonheart(his wings flap when you pull on his back leg!)

Kongol from Legend of the Dragoon
His axe/hammer (can't remember which it was) fell of it's handle, so now it's just Kongol with a stick. Poor Kongol.

I also have the talking Smeagol/Gollum figure, Mint WITH box. He's been taken out of the box and been on display, and if you need the box I have that too. I also have a miniature Gollum figure that was given out free with one of the DVDs at FYE. If you need pictures, please feel free to ask.

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